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  • Dr Priya Jha

How do friendships affect our mental health in a positive way?


we have heard it a million times but I don't think we have really understood it

Having a good friend is more important rather than being with someone who just wants to pull you down. I can totally relate this to my life and this takes me behind in the time when I was preparing for my NEET UG exam. This name itself gives me goosebumps. A 16 yr old girl entered into a world of kids who were actually robots filled with competition and jealousy and only wanted to run ahead and pull others down.

This is totally new to me and I never experienced it before. I was clueless and blank. I didn't know where to go, how to go, and when to go. I was alone in my hostel room filled with books and questions all by myself thinking about how I will survive. The hostel experience was a nightmare for me. I didn't have friends. No one wanted to talk as I was not that intelligent. I was judged and was just seen as i girl who was average. At that time I realized that I was not feeling well. I was sulking over my loneliness and fear. I just wished I had some friends with whom I could talk and at least share my feelings. Away from my family as a teenager, I was filled with only anger and a question mark.

That phase of my life taught me many lessons which till today where I am a soon-to-be Doctor and will never forget. I realized it's important to have people in your life. Being alone will only hamper your mental health. Friends not only keep you safe but they keep you in peace. Being lonely and stuck in these feelings only put you in self-doubt. Share your thoughts with your people. Ask for help from your friends. As a 16 yr old teen, I didn't know what to do or how to make friends which lead to an ugly phase that just crashed my mental health for many years I was in my self-doubt.

But now as an adult and a doctor myself, I have corrected myself. Now I have my people my best friends whom I share everything and they always uplift me and make me strong together correct our mistakes and help each other in our careers.

I know many of you will relate to this story and will understand the importance of friends in your life . Your mental health is very much dependent on the people who surround you because the company you have shaped you. So make few friends but good friends whom u can rely on and who can keep you in peace.

Feeling lonely, sad, and stuck are a part of traumatized mental health but friendship and family help you to deal with such emotions. Speaking your emotions out helps you to deal with these scary clouds. People dealing with bad mental health and depression are also advised to be around people and friends as it helps to tackle and fight back. Being around the right people and friends help us to align our thoughts and think clearly. It makes us realize the right path. Often people suffering from depression and unhealthy thoughts have Suicidal thoughts and rage in them but being with friends helps them to think right and move on the right path. Sometimes being with the right company and friends bring us back from the wrong direction and negativity

so, at last, I want to quote for the people who are fighting with depression or loneliness right now please hold on talk to your friends have someone pour your heart out, and be around people and family you will feel safe and happy.

Right Friendship will always give you peace and happiness

Be with people who want good for you.

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