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  • Dr Vidya Ganesh

How to recover from Burnout?

It's very easy, to listen to someone pour their heart out, but at the same time how you perceive it makes all the difference. Being in a medical profession your mental and physical ability to reciprocate feelings is highly affected by the amount of exhaustion that comes with it.

It's not about the profession per se, but our body tries its level best to cope with the magnitude of work it’s been put through. Be it managing a household, a 9-5 job where literally your integrity is sucked out of you, or maybe overworking late night shifts at a hospital. The toxic environment that comes along with it plays a major role in draining you out. Still, we try to achieve that WORK-LIFE BALANCE that is portrayed so ideally in imaginative situations not caring about ourselves in entirety.

We say that we need to take care of the home in which our soul resides, our body. But we don’t realize it till the point it reaches the Burnout stage. The prolonged stress and mental exhaustion put you in a place where you can’t take an informed decision, and you slowly start to lose the very own essence, that makes you, YOU. At this junction, there is no motivation or hope. You work like a machine to get through the day. Just to accomplish the task that’s presented to you. You feel all dried out, not caring about it anymore. You might say or do things that you don’t intend to. But it comes out that way.

Stress works in different ways, you don’t have time to attend to your needs, and you prefer being in solitude over convivial. Anything to make the feeling of being trapped goes away right? Are you really going the right way?

I feel, realizing you need help is the first step to the stage of recovery, or if I can say ‘coming back’ from this state of anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. Identifying your stressors, and trigger points, Its all a learning curve.

Calling out for help because it's right there, my friend is the best thing you could do to find yourself. Family, and close acquaintances, whom you believe will understand if you tell them, it's always the right call to make. Your belief will be restored once you start sharing. Putting thoughts into words always lessens the burden. It isn’t easy I know, but you will see the improvement. It takes up a significant time period to recuperate from this stage of burnout. It's okay, take a break. You aren’t solely responsible for this state, but still owning it, is what makes you open to change, to a better chance.

A necessary and informed time-out is important. You need to reassess and get back to your interests. Professional therapy is a big game changer. It's definitely a slow process but help is always there for those who are in need. I sincerely hope that you keep your mental and physical health first and find ‘YOU’ again.

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