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  • Muhammad Uzair

Importance of setting healthy boundaries in a Friendship

As human beings, we have the need to connect with others. Whether it's through the workplace, a friendship, or a relationship, the need to be in contact with others is undeniable. There are many of us who go through ups and downs in life. It’s inevitable to feel lonely at times. Healthy friendships are necessary for a healthy life. If you're not aware of your boundaries and what they are, then practicing healthy boundaries in your friendships can lead to unhealthy ones.

The Right Balance: A Difficult Task

Setting healthy boundaries in a friendship can be difficult, especially if the other person is someone you trust and depend on. In fact, setting boundaries is all about toying with the idea of the right balance. With too much self-esteem, we can become self-absorbed and think of ourselves first. On the flip side, if you sacrifice yourself too much and, irrationally, and always put other people first, you might get rolled over by someone who isn’t caring enough to respect boundaries.

In order to lead a balanced life, one needs to understand that it is crucial to have a well-organized plan of action to be optimal in every other domain of life, especially mental health. It Has To Be Intentional, Not Difficult. Establishing a boundary doesn’t mean you don’t care about someone or something. It means that you are saying no, stop, and back off. It means that you are saying no, stop and take your time. It means that you are saying no, stop, stay away from me and not bother me again. A boundary is not about getting rid of someone who needs to be eliminated but rather about creating an environment where the other person will want to stay in your life.

Be aware of other people's limits too, including those of their own friendships. If someone says they don't want to be tagged in a photo, respect their wishes even if it makes you sad because this could be because of a sensitive topic, or because they're unwell or worried about someone else who might see it. Establishing important boundaries in friendships is one of the most difficult tasks people face. It's difficult because our friends are supposed to be the ones who understand us and know us best, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Basics To Get You Started

There are several ways to establish healthy boundaries with your friends:

1. Be honest about your needs, wants, and desires.

2. Let your friend know when you need space or need them to back off from something or someone else in your life.

3. Be consistent with your boundaries and don't change them too often for fear of

hurting their feelings or pissing them off.

4. Don't let others push their agenda on you, especially if they're trying to convince you otherwise than what is right for you.

5. Learn to say No. Say No when necessary. It is a complete sentence.


Let you set the pace of the friendship, allowing it to grow naturally. It’s not a great idea to force any relationship on anyone, as the key to an optimal friendship is a bilateral effort where the interests are reciprocated well. It is important to determine whether a new friendship will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, or whether it creates more stress

than it's worth.When we set boundaries for ourselves, it helps us get that needed balance in life. That is essential for an optimal and productive life filled with healthy emotions.

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