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  • Dr Himanshu Arora

Does your Brain wants to be happy?

No, we humans have a tendency to give more importance to negative experiences than positive or neutral experiences. This is called the negativity bias. We tend to focus on the negative even when negative experiences are insignificant or inconsequential.

Imagine you went on a beautiful hike and along the trail, you encountered a rattlesnake. Most people will remember the rattlesnake incident better because negative experiences tend to affect them much more as compared to positive ones

Is this affecting your mental health?

Here are some things that might help

  1. Meditation

  2. Yoga

  3. Exercise

  4. Healthy Diet

  5. Positive attitude

  6. Be poised to gently what is happening when the negative pattern starts to get activated and practice doing something each and every time- even something very small to break the habit.

  7. Notice your negative self dialogues and substitute positive approaches.

  8. Stay away from negative people.

  9. Cultivate a gentle, curious, and patient attitude towards yourself.

  10. Learn to celebrate small victories, while understanding you may have days of backsliding.

  11. If you challenge yourself to be mindful of your daily activities, noticing what's important (and what isn't ), you are more likely to have a positive life experience.

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Oct 04, 2022

Such a great read! never thought about it this way. The rattlesnake example makes so sense. I hiked almost everyday is summer. However, an hike that I always remember is the one where I fell off, running. Thank you for the tips. I hope to follow them!


Som Nath Arora
Som Nath Arora
Sep 28, 2022

Nice post😇

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