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  • Dr Akanksha Aggarwal

Mandatory Mental health curriculum in a post-pandemic world

The Covid-19 epidemic was a worldwide disaster that had an impact on many facets of social life, including politics, economics, healthcare systems, poverty, forced migration of people, climate change, and most significantly, education. We currently have the pre- and post-Covid periods, and Change is the main character in both. Unknowingly and knowingly, despite our best efforts, there have been significant changes that we are powerless to stop. Our way of living, way of thinking, and way of relationships have changed even more, and all of this is under our power, so let's concentrate on these things. Concentrate on the difference you can make to mitigate the negative change a little bit. While doing that, keep in mind that, EVERYONE OF YOU IN THIS UNIVERSE IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT. Do not put off taking care of your mental well-being.

starting now. The rest can wait, but this will only build up. Give yourself at least 30 minutes. Nobody is requesting that you forget how lovely the world was or how terrible the things that tore that wonderful world apart were. You must remember that. You can only accept that, though. And then leave, taking those lovely memories with you, so you may make new ones and stop wasting the future on the things you can't change from the past. Someone here values your presence and happiness much, therefore you must maintain your composure for both yourself and that person. Being strong is being able to talk about and express your concerns and insecurities rather than bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders. Instead of mindlessly scrolling to avoid your feelings, face them head-on, allow yourself to feel, accept support, and ask for it if you need it. We all know that times have changed, therefore we too must adapt. To begin changing, we must first alter our thinking. If you want to assist others, believe me, you must change first.

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